WOODFLOOR.IN.UA is woodworking factory, which specializes in the production of solid parquet and floorboards, massive wooden baseboard and lining board, Pini Kay briquettes.

Production of solid plank parquet is realized from hardwood, in particular from ash and oak. For individual orders we produce parquet from cherry, maple, beech, birch, hornbeam, acacia, walnut and others. Our products are sold in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Location of production facilities in Rivne region, close to the raw materials and the availability of necessary equipment and vehicles allows us to select ecologically clean and high-quality wood.

All parquet billets are dried and steamed in special chambers with the latest computer software. This equipment allows us to dry wood in a “soft” mode, to relief of the internal stress of wood structure and to reach ideal indicators of wood humidity. Humidity of our parquet is 8 ± 2%.

Our precision machines are equipped with reliable cutting tools. Accordingly, our plank solid parquet from oak and ash has perfect geometry.

Our woodworking factory is ecologically clean and non-waste production. Heating of drying chambers is provided by waste production. In addition, we produce the highest quality Pini Kay briquettes with hardwood waste.

Production capacity of WOODFLOOR.IN.UA can produce about 2,000 m2 quality solid parquet from ash and oak. The key to the quality of our products is the high level of professionalism, responsibility and control at all stages of production – from timber to manufacture solid wood flooring from oak and ash.

Years of experience and self-improvement allowed us to take a worthy position in the market of solid parquet. As a company that is constantly evolving and moving “up to date”, we are open for cooperation with construction companies, designers, craftsmen laying flooring, retailers and wholesalers both in Ukraine and abroad.