Our manufacturing enterprise – WOODFLOOR.IN.UA has been operated in the parquet market for more than 20 years. We produce solid oak, ash (and other precious wood) plank parquet, coniferous floorboards, lining boards, solid baseboards and also Pini & Kay briquettes, focusing our attention on the parquet flooring especially.

For many years in the woodworking field, our company has proved to be a reliable manufacturer of high quality solid plank parquet including ash, oak and other precious wood parquet that meets all modern requirements and wishes of our customers.

Complete production cycle and carefully debugged technological process contributed to this. Massive oak, ash and other wood plank parquet manufacturing is carried out using the ultra-precise and high-tech domestic and foreign equipment.

A systematic search for new technologies, particularly, visiting domestic and foreign specialized exhibitions, makes it possible – to improve the production process constantly and find the best ways of solving customer problems immediately.

The company products are environmentally friendly. Raw materials for its production come from the western regions of Ukraine. During processing, regime computerized wood drying is carried. Guaranteed humidity of solid ash, oak and other precious wood plank parquet is 8 ± 2%.

Unquestionable advantage of WOODFLOOR.IN.UA is a comprehensive product range. In addition, we work with a wide range of wood, including oak, ash, and “on request” – maple, cherry, beech, hornbeam, birch, walnut and acacia. Also, all our products are qualifying because of the careful monitoring process.

WOODFLOOR.IN.UA cooperates with construction companies, specialized stores, designers and installation flooring craftsmen in Ukraine and abroad. The floors we made based on solid oak, ash and other wood plank flooring, and you can find it in different parts of Ukraine and in neighbouring countries. This indicates a broad scope of implementation of products and the demand for our wood flooring on the market floor.

Material and technical base, great experience gained during the existence of the company, allows WOODFLOOR.IN.UA’s professionals to do their work efficiently. Caring about customers, our company is practicing flexible discount system and individual approach to every single client.

Pride and driving force of WOODFLOOR.IN.UA is its work team. Responsibility, continuous improvement and new skills learning are the basic principles of our work.

Focusing on production increasing and markets expanding, WOODFLOOR.IN.UA invites all interested parties to business cooperation and looks forward to a long partnership. If you want to buy flooring in Ukraine or abroad, we will be happy to help and realize your wishes.